Proper Sneaker by Camille Tanoh

French designer, Camille Tanoh has launched his second shoe model, “Proper Sneaker.” It’s sleek, elegant and you can only get it in white. Watch the video, directed by the talented Loren Denis. The video was what led me to this sneaker… it’s insanely creative and beautifully shot.

Camille tanoh 2

Camille tanoh 3 camille tanoh 4 Camille tanoh 5 Camille tanoh 6

The luxury and minimal Paris-based men’s shoe brand, was founded in 2012.

Drawing on Camille’s backgrounds in fashion, the brands combines utilitarian design with portuguese quality and construction, resulting in sleek and minimalist men’s shoe.

Applying the principles of Minimalism, the brand reduces each designs to only the most essential elements.

Thus, Camille Tanoh has acquired a reputation for its perfectionism, its simplicity and its unique approach to contemporary fashion shoe establishing a loyal clientele. The brand focuses on the changing needs of its customers developing non-seasonal shoe collection staying true to the brand’s core values.

For more information and to purchase visit



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