Simon and Mary

I received this beautifully crafted hat from Simon and Mary, and I am so incredibly in love with it. The style is the black Leah from their traditional ladies range and all I can say is that I find every excuse to wear it! Take a look at the AW ’14 lookbook.

Simon and Mary is a brand that was started in 1935, by Simon Pozniak, and is based on a family bond within the hat factory. The Milner title has been passed down from generation to generation with Dean Pozniak currently taking the reigns. This craftsmanship is hard to come by and one would be lucky to own a hat like this, which is rich with a history and a family bond.

simon and mary 1 simon and mary 2 simon and mary 3 simon and mary 4 simon and mary 5 simon and mary 6 simon and mary 7 simon and mary 8 simon and mary 9 simon and mary 10 simon and mary 11


See the rest of the designs at


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